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Security & prevention agent

The prevention and security officer (PSO) goals are to discourage malicious acts: theft, incivility, vandalism, damage to monuments …

To do this, he monitors a location, either by static surveillance, or by mobile surveillance. He knows the location of the installations to be monitored and checks that the preventive measures put in place (warning devices) are working properly.

Sometimes, he is using a screen for monitoring suspicious activities and, for example, the proper functioning of technical installations.

In case of problem (theft, break-in, fire, etc.), the PSO is often the first on the scene. He must apply the safety rules and instructions of his employer and make them enforced by anyone with whom he is in contact. If necessary, he calls the competent services: police, gendarmerie or fire fighters.

This is why the S.N.S. group puts particular emphasis on the training of all its agents before they are dispatched to various customer sites. All SNS agents go through training (first aid, self-defense, law, code of conduct, fire safety, communication and many others) in a sub-regional safety school recognized by the State and are regularly assessed through continuous training and courses.